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Let's watch little hands develop from an infants's tight grasp all the way to adolescent mastery.

babyhands       Baby Hands from Birth to 17 Months.

                     graspingtube          Toddler Hands from 18 Months to Two Years          

pumpkin      Two Year Old Hands

 threeyearold         Three Year Old Hands

shoveling         Four Year Old Hands                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
                    gluing              Five Year Old Hands    

                    sweepingtent             Six Year Old Hands
                   sevenyearoldhands               Seven  Year Old Hands                                

                                               Eight Year Old Hands   

                                                          Nine Year Old Hands

                                       Ten Year Old Hands

             watercolor              Teenage Hands

I would appreciate any donations of digital pictures of hands in action with the age.  I will use no faces, no names, only hands. I can crop the photos for you or you can mail them cropped. Thank-you so much!
Please email them to

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