Playing Basketball

bird basketball

This bird demonstrates very good eye-beak coordination to push the ball
into a basket. He shows good visual attention and is easily motivated by
an edible treat.

Ball play, of course is also a wonderful activity for toddlers. It teaches them
to coordinate using both hands together. Toddlers typically learn to throw a
ball underhand while seated between 13 and 16 months. Throwing a ball is
much more challenging while standing and children typically learn to throw a
ball in any manner while standing between 15 and 18 months. By 18-22 months a
child may be able to plan the movements to make a ball land within three feet of a target.

Catching a large ball (typically between 24 and 26 months) requires greater coordination between
the visual and motor systems and a good sense of timing to open the arms and receive the ball at
just the right moment. A three- year old may be able to bounce and catch a large ball at least once
while standing in one spot and over during the third year learn to bounce the ball while moving
forward. This high level of motor control and eye-hand coordination will help the preschool child
to play basketball like our parrot friend pictured above.

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