Make an Activity Book
for the
Alzheimer's Victim You Care About




activity book
A homemade activity book
enables you to design and
adapt the content according
to the individual's needs.

Use a binder, page protectors and print your own content.

You may include:
  • A simple story of the person's life with family photos.
  • Simple photos with either a title of what the photo is or brief paragraph describing the picture.
  • Large print, bold song lyrics.
  • Adages and familiar slogans or jingles
  • Cultural words (such as Yiddish or Irish words, words from a profession or recreational activity such as fishing rod, tackle and bait).
  • Simple poetry, nursery rhymes or rhyming children's stories
  • Holiday or religious symbols
  • Pictures of favorite subjects such as babies, food or animals.

The following links on my site will get you started with pictures,  an example of a personalized story and song lyrics.

Simple Photographs

Sarah's Story

Sarah's Songs

Additional Links

Ben Franklin Proverbs

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Nursery Rhymes

Animal Photographs

©2009 Barbara Smith