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Articles About Adapting Activities

Creating Functional Activities for the Developmentally Disabled Population
Advance for Occupational Therapy
Motivation through Sensory Reinforcement

On-Line Articles

Adaptive Equipment: Examples that Help Students with Spasticity Perform Art

Activities for Students with Rett's Sydrome

Adaptive Equipment: Improving Fine Motor in Students with Spasticity

Adaptive Seating for Students with Special Needs

Developing Fine-Motor Skills to Cut with Scissors

Developing Hand Preference

Developing Organization and Communication Skills through Public Speaking

Early Intervention Tools for Special Education Children

Evaluating Visual Perceptual Skills in Young Children

Fine-Motor Activities that Help Children with Autism Develop Visual and Visual Perceptual Skills

Fun and Creative Learning toys for Children with Autism

Gross Motor Activities that Help Children with Autism Improve Visual and Visual Perceptual Skills

Helping a Student with autism Improve Drawing skills

Helping Children Develop a Tripod Pencil Grasp

Helping Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Develop Fine- Motor Skills

How do Fine Motor Activities Develop Visual Perception in Special Needs Students?

How to Teach Your Child with PDD to Dress

Hypotonia: Adapting Activities

Making Your Own Toys with Preschoolers

The Profoundly Multiply Handicapped Child: How to Adapt Activities
to Promote fine-Motor Skills

Strategies to Teach Cutting Skills

Summer Occupational Therapy Activity Ideas

Using Sensory Reinforcement and other Teaching Techniques to Promote
Fine-Motor Skills in Children with Autism

Vertical Plane Activities: Help Students Improve Fine-Motor Skills

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