Apps for Occupational Therapists

Special education applications are used to develop
There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of apps of interest to occupational therapists. Therefore, the following  include select apps that are recommended by OTs with a focus on developing fine-motor and visual-perceptual skills.

ABC Joined UP


Draw Free

Eye Contact -Toybox
Look in My Eyes- Restaurant

First then visual Schedule

First Words

Handwriting Without Tears: Wet-Dry-Try Capital Letters & Numbers

idress for weather

itake turns



Letter Reflex

Letter School

Mazefinger Plus


Resources for Information

I used these resources to help choose which apps to share

Doodle Therapy Apps

Pediatric OTAbby Apps Pins

Advance for OT Apps

Pediastaff APP of the week

OT 4 Kids

Apps for Home schooling

OTs with Apps

Apps that Get you Moving

Moms with Apps

Teach with Your Ipad handwriting Apps

More OT Recommended Apps


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Ipads are helpful in so many ways!!!!

ABC Joined UP
  • Click and drag part to form letter or letters to form word
  • animated pencil draws letter
  • child traces with finger correctly in order to be rewarded
  • Teaches how to recognize letters by sounds rather than letter names

Dexteria -how it works to learn letter formation-
Dexteria Review
made by Binary Labs

Therapeutic hand exercises that improve fine motor skills and handwriting readiness. App created by an occupational therapist.

1.Tap it- promotes finger isolation
2.Pinch It- to make crabs disappear
3.Write It- reinforces correct letter formation

Draw Free- a doodling app
Review video

Eye Contact

Players earn rewards after looking into eyes of series of faces to discover the correct
answers to number-based questions.

First then visual Schedule

  • add your own photos or stock
  • record your own voice
  • split screen (2 images side by side or top to bottom)
  • full screen- 1 image, finger swipe to next
  • list screen- 4 images
  • horizontal or vertical mode
  • built in camera to make real time schedules

First Words teaches spelling and develops motor control.
Look at how nimbly he moves the letters around.....

Handwriting Without Tears: Wet-Dry-Try Capital Letters & Numbers

By Handwriting Without Tears & Get Set for School

Review of
Handwriting Without Tears App

itake turns
very simple, may get boring, but teaches turn taking and to say "my turn" and "your turn"

  • Bright marker for where to begin and continue letter formation
  • Holds attention with music, visuals, sliding away action


  • Twister for the fingers
  • Choose 1 of 3 difficulty levels
  • 1 or 2 players
  • Maintain fingers on 2 dots, when one disappears remove that finger and move to a new dot that appears.
  • fingers get intertwined

Letter Reflex
Overcoming Letter Reversals








Description of Letter School App that involves tracing and forming letters
Letter School web site

Mazefinger Plus
and other mazes promote

  • Isolated finger movement
  • Visual perceptual skills and
  • motivates reluctant writers as they obliterate lightning while moving through the maze

  • Based on MeMoves DVD where students move arms/hands along with person in video
  • User moves fingers on screen
  • User can also move fingers on textured puzzle booklet

Shelby's Quest
designed by an occupational therapist, aims to instill inspiration and enjoyment in education among children. This app is a therapy tool specially made for occupational therapists, teachers and parents. It gives the child a fun way to practice fine motor and visual perceptual skills while allowing the ability to store and track their progress. Shelby's Quest guides the child along a journey assisting Shelby the Dog as she helps her forest animal friends overcome their challenges. Set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, students will guide Skip the Salmon upstream to help him find his family, assist Samantha the Squirrel as she collects acorns and help Maurice the Moose find his way home.

This mom shares how the Ipad helped her daughter learn to point and poke and in other videos how to drag.

Bugs and Buttons

IPrompts Visual Schedules

Skills taught include: puzzles, pattterns,tracing, matching, letter formation.

Ready to Print- teaches pre-writing skills: tracing, touching objects, connect the dots,  pinching, letter formation and free drawing.