Climbing and Cycling

bird cycling

I can't remember how this unicycle was set up. But I think I
recall the bird climbing up the steps to reach the wire. Human
kids love to climb and it's a good thing because climbing  provides
a lot of sensory stimulation that helps brain development.

Toddlers typically creep up stairs between 13 and 15 months,
walk up stairs holding one hand between 17-19 months and
can manage to get up the stairs with no adult help (but using
a railing) between 22-24 months. Many two year-olds can walk
upstairs without using a railing or a hand but don't use the
alternating feet method until between 30-34 months.

If this bird were human, he would be climbing jungle gyms and
ladders by the time he was three years of age. Luckily for birds,
they can do these daring feats and just fly off when they lose
their balance.

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