David's Fine-Motor Creations


My son David inherited the fine-motor creativity genes. His mother is an occupational therapist, his father an engineer who ties flies and plays banjo. One  grandfather was an engineer and sculptor and the one other built a house. Grandma made her children's clothes and the other grandma crocheted Afghans. Four aunts are artists and one uncle
builds furniture. 

lightbulbIf it takes nature and nurture to create a personality, then David lucked out there too. At an early age his favorite "toys" were tape, glue, rubber bands, string, scissor, clay, paper and wood.  

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david with pack

As an adult, my son  backpacked 1/2 the Appalacian Trail summer of 2011. Realizing that he needed a lighter cooking stove, he started this business:





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Glue   Scissors   Paper  Rubber bands  Tape  Clay  String
I want to share these creations to show what a child
can do when given the materials, limitation on "screen"
(television and computers) and a basement room
he can mess up and hopefully clean up,  too.  All it takes
is a stretch of the imagination.

artplates Decorate a Plate
(made between 4-6 years of age)

soapsculpture Soap carving- builds strong hands and visual-
perceptual skills.


sculpecreaturesSculpe modeling-
can create an animal wonderland

origamiOrigami  birds, frog and box.
Origami develops fine-motor and
perceptual skills.

eggsUkrainian Easter eggs-    
Egg dying develops dexterity
and design skills.

planeModel airplane from kit-
Models from kits teach how
to follow complex directions.

weavingWeaving- this was made on a

knotsSailor's Knot Board-
Tying knots has great
function and beauty.

fishtyeFishing Fly tying-
This intricate art form helps
bring in the dinner.

drawingWater color landscape
Made at age 10 years.

woodburningWood burning-
an early wooden creation

insensemanIncense holder-
functional wood crafting

toolboxTool box carpentry-
This box scout project builds
strong arms and hands and
a rewarding craft.

Nesting cars made with jig saw-
An adorable and original creation.


snowshoesSnow shoes- crafted by heating
and bending PCV pipe.

shipinbottleShip in the bottle-
this craft seems to involve magic!

walletDuct tape wallet-
Duct tape is great for making wallets
and saving money.

plasterfaceThe artist in plaster.

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©2008 Barbara Smith