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the recycling occupational therapist


The Recycling Occupational Therapist        

Learn how to make activities for developmentally disabled individuals out of common household recyclable objects.

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Animal-Assisted Therapy
A look at how animals help people heal

Asperger's Syndrome
Learn about the symptoms, interventions and resources.

Autism Resources
Books and web sites related to diagnosis, sensory issues,
behavioral and educational interventions, therapies and advocacy.

Barbara's Perceptual Game
Play this game as you learn about the discrimination
skills of:
Position in space, form constancy, visual
figure ground
and visual memory.

Developmental Disabilities Resources
Information for parents, educators and therapists

Learn about this unique treatment tool that uses the
of the horse to promote neuro-physiological
changes in children
with disabilities

Sensory Integration
Learn how the organization of sensory information
helps children and adults learn.

Sensory Integration Activities
More information to help individuals normalize their

Sensory Integration Resources
Books and websites about sensory integration and movement.

Sensory Stimulation
Learn about how how visual, auditory, touch, taste,
smell and
movement stimulation help individuals
with developmental and
cognitive disabilities.

Visual Skills
Learn how to promote the visual skills required to
read and write

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