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1.  Matching Horses
      Circle or point to the two horses that
      are the same on each line.
2.    Horse Maze
       Draw a line from the horse to the barn.

3.    Cut and Paste Horse
Cut across the dotted horizontal line. Cut out the
       horse picture on the dotted line. Paste the picture
       to the outline.

4.     Horse Shoe Connect the Dots
        Connect the Dots and Color inside the horse shoe.  

5.     Matching Two Picture Halves
        Draw a line from one picture of half a horse to its
        matching half. 

6.     How to clean your tack
A matching game to learn how to clean your tack.

7.     Learn the Parts of a Horse
A diagram shows the parts of a horse.

   Learn about Horse Tack and Tools
Look at pictures of horse tack and
tools to learn how they are used.

9.     Circle the Horses
Look at a page filled with nine animal pictures.
Ask your child to circle only the horses.

10.   Visual Closure Animal Game
Parts of these animals have been erased. Try to
guess what they are. Click on animals to see answers.

More On-line activities
Horse Printables
Horse word search,  Dot-dot, coloring pages and maze

Color Your Horse
Horse coloring pages

Horse Play Activities from Pegasus

The Saddle Club
The Saddle Club TV show activities

Cowboy Songs and Poetry

4H-Club Activities
4-H horse activities include a recipe to make a horse treat,
word scramble of horse terminology and a saddle with
parts to label.

Nursery Rhymes
Rebus nursery rhymes that mention horses

Horse Puzzle
A cut and paste activity that tests horse knowledge

Hippotherapy Math Puzzle

Horse Games

Recommended Horse Activity Books

Horse Games and Puzzles for Kids: 102 Brainteasers,
Word Games, Jokes & Riddles, Picture Puzzlers,
Matches and Logic Tests for Horse-Loving Kids
By Cindy A. Littlefield.
Horse Games and Puzzles for Kids 

The Everything Kids' Horses book: Hours of Off-the
Hoof fun!
By Kathi Wagner and Sheryl Racine
The Everything Kids' Horses Book

Horse Crafts
By Linda Hendry
Horse Crafts

The Kids Horse Book
By Silvia Funston
The Kids Horse Book

Klutz My Very Own Horse Book
Klutz Horse Book
Comes with model horse, tack and instructions to make
saddle, blanket and bridle.

The Power of Horses: Activity Book
By Kim Marie Wood
More horse learning, puzzles and mazes.
The Power of Horses Activity Book

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Horse Coloring and Drawing Books


Horse Sticker Books

More hobbies, puzzles and activities

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What Is Hippotherapy?

Hand Activities and Hippotherapy

Hippotherapy Resources

Apples for Cheyenne is a sweet story about a girl with autism and hippotherapy

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