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My mother, Sarah, used to enjoy flipping through the picture books I made. One book
had photographs of family and friends with a simple story of her life. She read this
repeatedly throughout the day.  This is a great way for individual's with dementia to
remember their past. It is also extremely meaningly and entertaining. I also made
picture books with nursery rhymes and simple picture such as the ones below.

Click on a picture to see an enlargement and large print text. Print these pages and
form them into a book by using page protectors and a binder.

          boyswithflag       abelincoln      antiquecardrivingalongcountry       pumpkinboy      birthdayparty      eaglesoaring     playingcards

          girleatingicecream          girlholdingteddybear         dogfrisbee        girlwithkitten        grandpareading      johnkennedy       manandfish

          daddychangingdiaper          manridinghorse          manwomaninhawaii            messybaby         motherbaby          pottingplants           snowtubing     

          santa            sewinglady         wateringdaisies               sewingmachinewoman          bicyclingboy       sailingboys      aquarium

©2008 Barbara Smith