Creating Functional Activities
Advance for Occupational therapy Practitioners
Finding Our Special Strength
OT Practice
Swedish Occupational therapy Journal
Swedish OT Article
Teaching Children to Form Amazing Lines
Child Development Club
Motivation through Sensory Reinforcement
Advance for Occupational therapy Practitioners
Simple Ways  to Help Kids with Autism to Develop Hand Skills
Autism Parenting Magazine Articles

Therablog posts:
Developing finger Dexterity
Using Weight to Improve Body Awareness and Motor Skills
Getting Creative with Sweat shirts and Seat Cushions

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Articles on Sensory Integration and Brain Gym
Articles About Hippotherapy
Articles About Adapting Activities
Articles About Autism and PDD
Articles about Visual Impairment

Adapting Activities With Love
Note: Copyright AOTA, 2008. From OT Practice, 13(18), 40.
Used with permission. AOTA.ORG

The Challenges and Joys Faced by the Sandwich Generation
My contributing chapter in the collection of stories-written by occupational therapists
Published by The American Occupational Therapy Association

On-Line articles
Articles About Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias

Low Vision
Low Vision Articles
Public Speaking
Public Speaking:  A Path to Success for those With or Without Disabilities

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